Wordfence Premium Free Download v7.9.2

Wordfence Premium Free Download: In this post, we provided the most required Wordfence Premium plugin for free download. The shared file is not Wordfence Premium nulled or cracked. A 100% genuine GPL version file is available under a GNU license. As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is more important than ever for website owners to prioritize their security efforts. WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems, is a prime target for hackers. This article will review the Wordfence Security Premium plugin, a robust security solution designed to protect your WordPress website from various threats.

File NameWordfence Premium
File TypeGPL (GNU License)
File Versionv7.9.2
Wordfence Premium Free Download
Wordfence Premium Free Download
Wordfence Premium Free Download

Wordfence Security plugin comes with the most powerful firewall. Using firewall options, you can set firewall rules to block traffic from specific IPs or countries. This plugin also offers modern brute force protection with custom options. The scanning feature with scheduling options is the most powerful feature of this plugin. It regularly checks every file on your website for malware, Backdoors, invalid URLs, or any other vulnerabilities. Wordfence Security Premium plugin also allows you to set up two-factor authentication to improve the login security of your website. Overall, Wordfence Security is the #1 security plugin for WordPress.

What Is Wordfence Security Premium Plugin?

Wordfence Security Premium is a top-tier security plugin for WordPress websites, providing comprehensive protection against hacking attempts, malware, spam, and other security threats. Developed by Defiant Inc., the plugin has various features, including firewall protection, malware scanning, and login security.

Key Features Wordfence Security Premium Plugin

Wordfence Security Premium Plugin comes with unique features with strong security features. Here are the top features which not available with other same plugins.

  1. Advanced Firewall The Wordfence Security Premium plugin boasts an advanced firewall, which filters incoming traffic and blocks malicious requests. The Web Application Firewall (WAF) uses a regularly updated list of firewall rules, ensuring protection against the latest threats. The plugin also supports country blocking, allowing you to restrict access from specific countries known for cyber-attacks.
  2. Real-time IP Blacklist, The premium version of Wordfence includes access to a real-time IP blacklist, which automatically blocks traffic from known malicious IP addresses. This feature protects your site from repeat offenders and emerging threats.
  3. Deep Malware Scanning Wordfence Security Premium offers a deep malware scanning feature, which searches your website’s files for signs of malware, backdoors, and other security threats. It also checks for known malicious URLs, ensuring that your site is free of compromised content.
  4. Login Security The plugin provides robust login security features to protect your site from brute force attacks. These features include two-factor authentication, strong password enforcement, and login attempt limits. The premium version also offers a feature that allows you to monitor live traffic and track user activity on your site.
  5. Integration with Wordfence Central Wordfence Central is a centralized dashboard where you can manage and monitor the security of all your WordPress sites using the Wordfence plugin. The premium version provides advanced features, including viewing detailed site security reports and receiving security alerts via email or SMS.
  6. Premium Customer Support As a Wordfence Security Premium user, you receive priority customer support from the Wordfence team. This ensures that you can access expert help when needed, allowing you to resolve any security issues quickly and effectively.

Wordfence Premium Changelog (What’s New in Wordfence Premium v7.9.2)

  • Fix: Fixed fatal error on single sites running WordPress <4.9.
  • Fix: Fixed fatal error when viewing the Login Security settings page from an allow listed IP.
  • Improvement: Translation-readiness: All user-facing strings are now run through WordPress’s i18n functions.
  • Improvement: Remove legacy admin functions no longer used within the UI.
  • Fix: Fixed bug with unlocking a locked-out IP without correctly resetting its failure counters.
  • Fixed: Sites using deleted premium licenses correctly revert to free license behavior.
  • Improvement: Local GeoIP database update.
  • Improvement: Remove Lynwood IP range from allowlist, and add a new AWS IP range.
  • Fixed: PHP 8.0 compatibility – prevent syntax error when linting files.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where PHP 8 notice sometimes cannot be dismissed.
  • And many other small enhancements and bug fixes.

Pricing Of The Wordfence Security Premium Plugin

Wordfence Security Premium pricing starts at $99 per year for a single-site license, with discounts available for multi-site licenses. The plugin offers a free version with limited features, which can be upgraded to the premium version anytime.

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How to Install Wordfence Premium Free Download?

In this video, we have shown how to successfully install Wordfence Security Premium Plugin and activate it with the Wordfence Security Premium plugin key. So please watch the installation video carefully.

Wordfence Premium Free Download

We have added the Wordfence Premium Free Download option with Mega and Mediafire links here. The free downloaded file is a 100% genuine GNU-licensed version. We have shared the Wordfence Premium Free Download link only for educational and testing purposes, so don’t misuse this opportunity.

*Never Auto Update Wordfence Plugin directly from your WordPress Dashboard. If you do this, you will lose all premium features.

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