Elemailer Pro Free Download v4.0.13

Elemailer Pro Free Download: To improve a website’s or online service’s email marketing skills, you can install the robust and flexible plugin Elemailer Pro. Elemailer Pro makes managing and optimizing email campaigns a breeze with its intuitive UI and extensive functionality. Elemailer Pro’s sophisticated automation functions are one of its most notable qualities. The plugin facilitates the development of highly tailored email sequences in response to user-defined events. With Elemailer Pro, it’s simple to create automated campaigns that bring in new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more. Elemailer Pro’s superior segmentation features are another standout attribute. Users can divide their mailing lists into subsets according to demographics, purchasing habits, and engagement levels with the help of this plugin. Marketers may then send highly targeted messages to their subscribers, boosting the likelihood of a successful conversion and the amount of happiness they experience as a result. The drag-and-drop nature of Elemailer Pro’s email editor makes it possible for non-techies to create polished, professional emails. The builder gives you access to a wide variety of editable templates, making it easy to give each email a consistent look and feel across the board. In addition, Elemailer Pro offers in-depth reporting and analytics features for monitoring the efficacy of email marketing initiatives. In order to gauge the success of their email marketing campaigns, users may track crucial KPIs, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. These learnings can be used to hone techniques, enhance content, and boost outcomes.

File NameElemailer Pro
File TypeGPL (GNU Licensed)
File Versionv4.0.13
Elemailer Pro Free Download
Elemailer Pro Free Download

Best Features Of Elemailer Pro, Which Is Not Available In Other Email Plugins

  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is now easier with Elemailer and WordPress for the marketer. It has all the features needed for a marketer to get started.
  • Get subscribers – Elemailer has a module to store your subscribers on your own WordPress site. Use the Elementor form and get them. In short, it’s an alternative to MailChimp.
  • Send Welcome Email – You can set and send welcome emails to your users on-site with elemailer. Nobody hates a hot welcome email now do they?
  • Schedule Marketing Emails – Schedule your marketing email, newsletter, and more, and forget about it. Elemailer will send that to your users.
  • List Segmentation – Create multiple lists, edit, and send emails according to the list.
  • Double Opt-in – Double opt-in system on the go! Even with bulk email imports.
  • Email Tracking & Statistics – Don’t send emails blindly. Know what’s going on with your email, who opens it, and how many times. Everything is visible inside your Elemailer Dashboard. Email Analysis Made Simple.
  • Let users un-subscribe – Did you know emails that have an un-subscriber link attached to the email are considered good emails? We know it and we have got your back in that too.
  • Use with Mailpoet – Love the Mailpoet plugin but don’t find their email builder intuitive. We got you covered. you can keep using Mailpoet for their email service and use our plugin for building the template and use in Mailpoet
  • Dynamic Widgets – With Elemailer you will get a set of dynamic widgets to help you build a proper email that will reflect changes in your site content ( Posts )
  • Import your subscriber lists – Import your email from other platforms with CSV easily in elemailer. You can choose a list and send a welcome/double-opt email when the list is inserted. The export option is a feature request
  • Using with wp_mail( ) system – With Elemailer you can override almost any email that is sent out from your WordPress site using the wp_mail override method of Elemailer.
  • WooCommerce Booking Email Templates – Design WooCommerce booking plugin email templates with Elementor. Send great emails to your guests!
  • WooCommerce Email Templates – Design native WooCommerce emails with Elemailer. The new order, confirmation, admin, customer, and many more.
  • Integration – Piotnet Addons For Elementor (PAFE) – Create an Email template for your PAFE forms in seconds with Elemailer. Both normal and multi-step forms are supported.
  • Integration – Contact Form by WPForms – Design email template for WPForms which is one of the popular contact form plugins on WordPress.org. Collect Leads as well.
  • Integration – Ninja Forms – Create an Email Template for your Ninja forms, Collect Leads, and add them in Elemailer.
  • Any contact form Integration – You can use Elemailer email template without native integration support with our Revolutionary wp_mail override method with almost ANY form plugin.
  • Export HTML template – Create Emails with Elementor & Then export HTML to be used on external platforms
  • Background Controls, Test email, Custom CSS – Elemailer gives you control over how your background should look, default margin/padding, etc. You can also send test emails on the fly. You can also add any custom css you prefer.
  • Ready-made Email templates – 10+ Ready-to-use Pro email templates. Every month we are adding new pro templates to our library for your use.
  • Support – With this Pro plan you get email support from us. We will be as technical or as noob as you want us to be so that we understand each other well.

Elemailer Pro Plugin Changelog

  • Tweak: Compatibility with the Latest Elementor & WordPress
  • Tweak: Added Title & Alt in images for widgets
  • Tweak: Remove global & dynamic options as they will not work
  • Fix: Fixed a few editor panel layout issues
  • Fix: Compatibility with Elementor experiments
  • Fix: Fatal error if template wp editor is accessed
  • Tweak: Fixed some loopholes for better restriction
  • Tweak: Elemailer Shortcode box UI fixes
  • Tweak: Remove default underline from links on Apple devices

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